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 ===== Upcoming events ===== ===== Upcoming events =====
-  *  [[|EUMAS 2018]], ​the 16th European ​Conference on Multi-Agent Systemswill be held on 6-7 December 2018 in Bergen Norway. +  *  ​**[[|Call for bids to host the 22nd European Agent Systems ​Summer School (EASSS) in 2020.]]** We will consider bids from all geographical regions within Europe. Bids should ​be made by individuals or small groups, with the backing of a host institution (typically a university or research centre). All correspondence regarding bids should be directed to the EURAMAS board member responsible for the EASSS summer schools, Marija Slavkovik ( **The deadline for submitting bids is 1 October 2019.** For more information ​on how to submit a bid see the call [[http://​​EASSS2020.html|here]].
 ===== Objects and Activities ===== ===== Objects and Activities =====
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